Course Description


  • Are you feeling adrift and disconnected from yourself?
  • Have you lost your sense of playfulness and fear its gone forever?
  • Do you feel like you are meant for bigger things but don't know what they are or how to find them?

Creative Journaling 101 is a self-paced online course with an in-person feel. It's an introduction to Laura's unique and powerful Creative Journaling technique -- a tool that when consistently used will change your life for the better. 

By doing the playful, tactile exercises you'll naturally begin to reconnect to your authentic self...the self that enjoyed playing and exploring as a child. You'll reclaim your refrigerator art which will allow you to "play" and thrive in more areas of your life.

This course will help you create a safe, experimental environment within your journal that will reconnect you to your creative side, a part of you that flourished organically before your censor and critic were developed. It's a part of our selves that, sadly, all too often gets left behind when we start trying to "act like a grownup" -- its one of the things that makes adulting much harder than it needs to be.

When you create this space and time for yourself to reconnect with some basic tools of self-expression: markers, crayons, words, glitter, and more, you'll spontaneously begin to reconnect with your inner thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Lastly, you'll learn the basics of harnessing your innate creative power and right-sizing the problems, worries, and fears that have limited you, maybe even paralyzed you, to live the life of your dreams. 

This course is for the Creatively Challenged and Creatively Confident alike. Come for the Crayons stay for the Connections.

Class Details:

How does self-paced work? As soon as you sign-up you'll have access to all of the course materials. I encourage you to review the materials and repeat the class several times as the work gets deeper the more you explore it. You can take the course on any device: phone, tablet, computer. Start on your computer at home in the morning and pick up where you left off on your phone at work during a break.

What You'll Need:

A Journal: You can use the printable journal that's included or you can use a journal of your own. In the course, I walk you through the process of selecting a journal that works best for you. Believe it or not, one thing that might be sabotaging your efforts is using one that's not compatible with your preferences and/or needs.

Supplies: Whatever supplies you have laying around is fine to start with. Grab some crayons, markers, or colored pencils, some tape or glue, and a pair of scissors -- these are your basic essentials.

Attitude: A willingness to try new things is a must! And you already have such an attitude if you've read this far. Be open to trusting in the process and do not underestimate the power of reclaiming your refrigerator art.

You Might Like:

I also wrote a workbook called, Mastering the Art of Self-Expression: A Creative Journaling Workbook, which is a helpful companion to this course, but not required. The workbook grew out of the workshops I taught on Creative Journaling. It started out as a few worksheets I'd hand out, then grew into a pamphlet, and now, due to popular demand, I expanded it and published it. Click here to learn more.

Magic Markers may not make you rich, but they will most definitely make you happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't like the class?
I'm so confident that Creative Journaling 101 will have a powerful impact on your life I'm offering you a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Who can I contact if I have more questions? Please email me at with any questions you have.

Laura Thoma

Laura Thoma is Co-Founder of Road to Success℠ she designs and facilitates her classes using a whole brain approach to help her students discover and create the road to THEIR road to success. Using structure and focus as well as imagination and creativity Laura helps clients unlock their potential. Laura's authentic, passionate, and dynamic style makes her informative, approachable, and entertaining. She is a speaker, a certified coach and an artist with an extensive background in both the performing and visual arts. Read full Bio

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Creative Journaling

    • VIDEO: Welcome from Laura

    • VIDEO: What Is Creative Journaling?

    • Tips on getting the most out of this class

    • JOURNAL: Cover

  • 2

    Getting Ready

    • VIDEO: Choosing Your Journal

    • WORKSHEET: Choosing Your Journal

    • VIDEO: Snack Pack Overview

    • WORKSHEET: Creating Your Snack Pack

    • JOURNAL: Divider

  • 3

    Creativity Snack

    • VIDEO: What is a Creativity Snack?

    • JOURNAL: Blank Page

    • JOURNAL: Divider

  • 4

    Recipes (Exercises)

    • VIDEO: Squiggle Turn

    • WORKSHEET: Squiggle Turn

    • VIDEO: Textures and Patterns

    • WORKSHEET: Textures and Patterns

    • VIDEO: Zine Grab

    • WORKSHEET: Zine Grab

    • VIDEO: Sign and Date Your Page

    • JOURNAL: Blank Page

    • JOURNAL: Divider

  • 5


    • VIDEO: Creativity Snack Tracker

    • WORKSHEET: Creativity Snack Tracker

  • 6


    • VIDEO: Closing

    • SNACK SHEET: Creativity Snack Prompts

    • Certificate of Compeletion CJ101

    • JOURNAL: Divider